Thursday Elderly Activities (TEA)

The Elderly Australian Chinese Homes organises a day activity for the Chinese elderly every Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the First Scout Hall, 17 Waimea Street, Burwood. Generally the activities provided are well received and much enjoyed by the Chinese elderly participants.


  • To encourage elderly people to lead a busy, meaningful and healthy life.
  • To bring elderly people and the community together.
  • To encourage the elderly to actively participate, learn new things, acquire new skills and meet new friends within the Chinese elderly community.
  • To make friends and break the social isolation of the elderly people as a result of cultural and language barriers.


A variety of activities are provided every week to satisfy various interests and tastes. They include art and handicraft classes, gentle exercises, health and safety talks, mahjong games, karaoke, sudoku, painting lessons, singing, dancing, bingo and Cantonese operattas. Outings and picnics will also be organised during the year. The monthly programme will be published in Chinese newspapers.


All Chinese elderly people over 65 years of age are welcome.


Activity is free.


An array of activities are organised every week to suit the various interests, tastes and needs. They include art and craft, gentle exercise, health and safety talks, mahjong games, karaoke singing, Sudoku, painting lessons, dancing, bingo, Cantonese operettas, outings, and festive and cultural celebrations. The monthly program is published in the Chinese media.


Address: 17 Waimea Street, Burwood NSW 2134
Phone: (02) 9744-8017
Fax: (02) 9747-6174

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